BOTA 110Survey of Botany††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Syllabus †††††††††††††††††† Winter 2009


Instructor: Dr. Lisa Carlson††


Office: Kemp 124; 736-9391x324

Office hours: MTWTh 9-9:50, F 12-12:50


Lecture:MTWTh 10-10:50††† Room: Kemp 128

Lab: M or T 1-2:50††† Room: Kemp 128

Text:Botany for Gardeners, Capon







Lecture Topic

Textbook Chapter






5 Jan

Plant Classification

Cells and seeds

pp. 220-223

Ch 1

Plant politics (in lab)




12 Jan

Roots and shoots (external)

Plant cell types



pp. 79-82

Plant structure

Cells, seeds




19 Jan

Inside stems, roots and leaves

3 & 4

Methuselah tree

No campus lab

Take-home lab

No class Monday


26 Jan


5 & 6

Putting down roots

Stems, roots and leaves

Exam 1 Thursday



2 Feb

Adaptation (conít)


Living together

Modified parts and greenhouse tour



9 Feb

Uptake of water, minerals, light


Itís a jungle out there




16 Feb

Control of growth and development


Plant reproduction

No lab

No class Monday

Exam 2 Thursday


23 Feb

From flowers to fruit


The birds and the bees




2 Mar


Plant reproduction


pp. 203-209

Branching out

Flowers and fruit



9 Mar




Non-flowering plants



16 Mar

Exam 3 Monday (last class day)



No lab

Exam 3 Monday


This schedule is subject to change Ė notification will be given in class.


Course Objectives: Through this course you will learn about the structures, functions and diversity of plants in our world: how plants grow, how their parts are interconnected, how they interact with the environment, and how some groups of plants are related to one another.We will also explore some plant-human relationships such as through agriculture and conservation.

Course Requirements: The course consists of lectures and labs.Points are earned for lecture exams, video assignments and lab exercises.Handouts will be given in advance for each lab exercise.Labs are due in class one day following the lab: Monday labs are due Tuesday, Tuesday labs are due Wednesday.An extended lab using our greenhouse facilities will span several weeks of the quarter.Most videos will be viewed in class on Thursdays.Video assignments may be completed and turned in the same day, or within one week of viewing.Most videos will be on reserve for makeup viewing at the library, but ask me to confirm.All late assignments will be given half credit.All work must be turned in by Tuesday, March 17.






decimal grade

percentage of points possible

3 lecture exams (100 pts each)




95% or higher

8 lab exercises (20 pts each)





greenhouse project





10 video assignments





total points






Lectures and Reading:Textbook reading assignments are given in your syllabus schedule.Lectures are intended to clarify and supplement your textbook, not replace it.I recommend that you read the chapter before lecture so that you come to class prepared to ask questions and supplement your reading.Lecture outlines are posted on the class web page.Many students print these outlines before class and fill in during lecture.They do not include sufficient detail to replace your own note-taking.


Assignments:When completing video assignments and lab reports, please write neatly, and use pencil or blue or black ink only.Written portions may be typed if you prefer.


Exams:Computerized forms will be used for part of each exam.Forms will be provided in class, but students must provide their own #2 pencil with good eraser.Be sure to thoroughly erase all mistakes and stray pencil marks during the exam.No corrections will be made for you, nor will any be made after exams are graded and returned.A review sheet will be posted at least one week prior to each exam.See me as soon as possible regarding conflicts with exam dates.If you should miss an exam due to illness, contact me by phone that day to arrange possible makeup.Failure to contact me on exam day may result in reduced credit for or forfeit of that exam, at my discretion.


Behavior:Please be courteous to your classmates as well as your instructor and avoid activities disruptive to the learning environment.

         No talking during lecture class!Even if you whisper, even if you sit in the back, even during a video, talking bothers other people in class.

         Be punctual.If you must arrive late or leave early, let me know in advance and sit near the door.Do not leave and re-enter the classroom during lectures or videos.Arriving on time for lab is most important!

         Turn your cell phone off!

         Any student continually disruptive to the learning environment may be asked to leave.


Attendance Participation in labs usually requires attendance; pay attention to specific instructions in class.While attendance is not required in lecture classes, skipping classes is not how to become a successful student.If you do miss a lecture, you don't need to inform me.Plan to get notes or special instructions from one of your classmates in addition to the web site.


Inclement Weather:If the College is closed or delayed due to bad weather, notification will be placed on the college web site, voice mail message, and local radio stations.I commute from Olympia (by carpool!), so if just this class is cancelled, I will leave a message on my office voice mail, hopefully by 8am.Look for instructions on our class web page.


Please Note:

         Students with disabilities may contact the Director of Special Services to determine their eligibility for reasonable accommodation.The director's office is located with the Counseling Center in the Student Services Building.

         Centralia College provides equal opportunity in education and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.

         The Centralia College Student Attendance Policy permits the Instructor to withdraw a student who does not attend the first lecture or lab session.

         Materials used in connection with the course may be subject to copyright protection under Title 17 of the United States Code.