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Dr. Steve Norton Asemichthys taylori

Associate Professor
New Science Center, 318e
360-736-9391, ext. 261
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara
B.A., Harvard University

Research Publications - Peer-Reviewed Articles:
Norton, S.F., Z.A. Eppley & B.D. Sidell. (2000)  Allometric scaling of maximal enzyme activities in axial muscle of striped bass, Morone saxatilis (Walbaum).  Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 73:819-828.

Dowse, H.B., S.F. Norton, and B.D. Sidell (2000).  The estimation of the diffusion constant and solubility of O2 in tissue using kinetics. Journal of Theoretical Biology 207:531-541.

T.J. McConnell, U.B. Goodwin, S.F. Norton, R.S. Nairn, S. Kazianis, and D.C. Morizot.  1998.  Identification and mapping of two divergent, unlinked major histocompatibility complex class II B genes in Xiphophorus fishes.  Genetics 149:1921-1934.

Norton, S.F.  1995.  A functional approach to ecomorphological patterns of feeding in cottid fishes. Environmental Biology of Fishes  44: 61-78.

Norton, S.F., J.J. Luczkovich, & P.J. Motta.  1995.  The role of ecomorphological studies in the comparative biology of fishes.  Environmental Biology of Fishes 44: 287-304.

Motta, P.J., S.F. Norton, & J.J. Luczkovich.  1995.  Perspectives on the ecomorphology of bony fishes.  Environmental Biology of Fishes 44: 11 -20.

Luczkovich, J.J., S.F. Norton & G. Gilmore.  1995.  The influence of oral anatomy on the prey selection during the ontogeny of two percoid fishes, Lagodon rhomboides and Centropomus unidecimalisEnvironmental Biology of Fishes 44:79-85.

Norton, S.F. & E.L. Brainerd.  1993.  Convergence in the feeding mode of ecomorphologically similar species in the Centrarchidae and Cichlidae. Journal of Experimental Biology 176:11-29

Norton, S.F.  1991.  The role of predator morphology and kinematics in attack success of cottid fishes. Ecology 72: 1807-1819.

Norton, S.F.  1991.  Habitat use and community structure in an assemblage of cottid fishes. Ecology 72: 2181-2192.

Norton, S.F. 1988.  The role of the gastropod shell and operculum in inhibiting predation by fishes. Science 241: 92-95

Kuris, A.M. & S.F. Norton. 1985.  Evolutionary importance of overspecialization: insect parasitoids as an example. American Naturalist 126:387-391.

Lauder, G.V. & S.F. Norton. 1980.  Asymmetrical muscle activity during feeding in the gar, Lepisosteus oculatusJournal of Experimental Biology 84:17-32.

Research Publications in Proceedings, Book Chapters, Reviews:
Norton, S.F. and C.D. Stallings.  1999.  The distribution and abundance of three aposematic, chemically defended gammarid amphipods off Bell Island, WA.  Pp. 75-86 in J.N. Heine, D. Canestro and G. Wuttken (eds.), Diving for Science…1999.  Proceedings of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

Norton, S.F. and A.E. Cook.  1998.  Predation by fishes in the intertidal.  Pages 223-263.  In Intertidal Fishes:  Life in Two Worlds, (M.H. Horn, K.L.M. Martin, and M.A. Chotkowski, eds.).  Academic Press, San Diego, CA

Norton, S.F.  1995.  An evolutionary perspective on ecology and morphology. A review of Ecological Morphology: Integrative Organismal Biology  P.C. Wainwright & S.M. Reilly (eds.). Ecology 76: 2677-2678.

Research Publications - Books:
S.F. Norton (ed.).  2003.  Diving for Science 2003.  Proceeding of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

J.J. Luczkovich, P.J. Motta, S.F. Norton, and K.F. Liem (eds.). 1995. Ecomorphology of Fishes, Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

Current Projects

Steve Norton SnailPunching
Snail-punching by cottid fishes
Rbol Vomer and shell
Evolution of Snail-punching
Westslope cutt, St. Joe R.
Aggregation by chemically-defended amphipods
Westslope cutt, St. Joe R.
Aposomatic coloration and chemical defense in gammarid amphipods