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Dr. Lisa Carlson

Lisa Carlson joined the faculty of Centralia College in the fall of 1999, to serve in the botany, environmental science, and natural resource program areas. She earned a B.A. in biology and environmental studies at Macalester College in her home state of Minnesota , an M.S. in environmental sciences at the University of Virginia , and a Ph.D. in forest ecology at the University of Washington .

Dr. Carlson's research has focused on community- and ecosystem-level properties of northern forests. Most recently, she has been studying the history of white and black spruce in Alaska as they migrated back into the state following the last glacial period, using fossil pollen preserved in lake sediments. A love of the outdoors brought Dr. Carlson to the study of trees and forests. She continues to pursue that love through wilderness travel, especially hiking, biking, kayaking and canoeing with botanically-inclined friends. She also has been a student of Zimbabwean music since 1993, played on marimba and mbira.

Lisa Carlson

Lisa at Bloody Run Cr.
Lisa at Bloody Run Cr.
Lisa measuring light
Measuring light levels
Steven Norton at Rainier
Chehalis R. restoration area