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Automation Maintenance Technician

Certificate of Proficiency

The Automation Maintenance Technician Certificate of Proficiency program is designed to prepare students for occupations installing and replacing electric motors, replacing and repairing electronic sensors, working with pneumatic devices, doing simple programming of Programmable Logic Controllers and servicing production lines centered around conveyor systems.

Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year

ERA 113 Soldering and Cabling 5
ERA 115 DC Electronics 5
TMATH 100 Technical Math 5
  Total Credits 15

Winter Quarter, First Year

WRT 105 Writing in the Workplace 5
ELT 121 AC Electronics 5
ERA 120 Sensor Technology 3
ERA 151 Mechanical Systems 3
  Total Credits 16

Spring Quarter, First Year

H R 110 Human Relations-Workplace 5
ELT 201 Solid State Devices 5
ERA 250 Automation I 4
  Total Credits 14

Summer Quarter, Second Year

ERA 251 Automation II 4
ELT 212 Computer Electronics I 5
ERA 150 Robotics I 3
  Total Credits 12
Updated 2014