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e-Commerce Web
Certificate of Completion

Geared for people who are already in the industry (students with a lot of .Net training) who want to investigate the other leading web technology.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program should be able to:

  1. Script static web pages.
  2. Code dynamic web pages.
  3. Install and operate simple web servers.
  4. Install and configure routers in small-scale networks using RIP, OSPF and/or IGRP.
  5. Install and configure security programs.
  6. Install and configure TCP/IP protocols.

Recommended Courses


CST 204 XML 3
CST 220 Apache/Tomcat Web Server 4
CST 224 Java Programming 5
CST 228 Java Server Side Programming I 5
CST 230 Java Server Side Programming II 5

Estimated Quarterly Program Costs

(subject to change without notice)

Resident Tuition (15 credits) and fixed fees*
US Citizen Nonresident Tuition (15 credits) and fixed fees*
Non US Citizen Nonresident Tuition (15 credits) and fixed fees*
Books and supplies (estimate)
Lab fees
Refer to quarterly class schedule

*Tuition is subject to change due to State Legislative actions

(Updated 2013)