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Associate in Technical Arts


The ATA program in Accounting provides students with skills and public certifications necessary to be competitive in selection for employment in private industry, government, and public accounting firms.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program should be able to:

  1. Perform basic bookkeeping tasks in the service of the business public.
  2. Assist in the production of financial reporting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  3. Assist in the conduct of audits in accordance with generally accepted audit standards (GAAS).
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with the application of computer accounting information systems software (AIS).
  5. Assist in the determination and disposition of tax liability as it applies to individuals and business entities.
  6. Prepare industry standard written and oral communications to include the use of Microsoft Word and Excel.
  7. Successfully complete qualification examinations for Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB).


Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year
ACCT& 201 Principles of Accounting I 5
BTEC 210 Word I 5
HR 110 Human Relations-Workplace 5
Total Credits 15
Winter Quarter, First Year
ACCT& 202 Principles of Accounting II 5
BTEC 214 Excel I 5
BUS 121 Business Math 5
BTEC 221 Business Communications  
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
Total Credits 20
Spring Quarter, First Year
ACCT 130 Basic Computer Accounting 3
ACCT& 203 Principles of Accounting III 5
ECON& 201 Microeconomics  
ECON& 202 Macroeconomics 5
HLTH 130 Health & Wellness  
HLTH 140 Exercise & Nutrition  
HLTH 145 Safety & Fitness 3
  Total Credits 16
Fall Quarter, Second Year
ACCT 260 Individual Income Tax 5
BUS& 101 Intro to Business 5
BUS 215 Principles of Finance 5
  Total Credits


Winter Quarter, Second Year
ACCT 240 Business Entity Tax 5
ACCT 270 Payroll Accounting 3
BUS& 201 Business Law 5
  Total Credits 13
Spring Quarter, Second Year   
ACCT 210 Intro to Audit 5
ACCT 285 Bookkeeper Cert. Course 5
BUS 275 Principles of Mgmt 5
  Total Credits 15

(Updated 2013)