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Associate in Math Education-DTA/MRP


The Associate in Math Education is intended to prepare students who aspire to be secondary math teachers. Students who complete this degree will have completed lower division general education requirements as well as the prerequisites for a major in math.

If you are not well prepared in high school mathematics, you should plan a three-year program at Centralia College in preparation for transfer to a four-year school. The main emphasis in the first year should be on strengthening your mathematics, basic sciences, communication, and reading skills.

Program Outcomes

Please refer to the Distribution Requirements and their criteria listed on pages 36-38 of the 2013-14 Centralia College catalog.

Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year

ENGL& 101 English Composition I (C) 5
MATH 135 Precalculus Refresher (M) OR
MATH& 146 Introduction to Stats 5
Humanities Distribution (H) 5
  Total Credits 15

Winter Quarter, First Year

ENGL& 102 Composition II (C) 5
MATH& 151 Calculus I (M) 5
SPEE 110 Speech Communication (H) 5
  Total Credits 15

Spring Quarter, First Year

PSYC& 100 General Psychology (SS) 5
MATH& 152 Calculus II (S) 5
Humanities Distribution (H)** 5
  Total Credits 15

Fall Quarter, Second Year

MATH 118 Linear Algebra (M) 5
Science Distribution (S)* 5
Social Science Distribution (SS)** 5
  Total Credits 15

Winter Quarter, Second Year

EDUC& 201 Intro to Education 3
MATH& 163 Calculus III 5
Health & Fitness Distribution (HF)** 3
Social Science Distribution (SS)** 5
  Total Credits 16

Spring Quarter, Second Year

EDUC 202 Classroom Observation 2
MATH 264 Calculus IV 3
Humanities Distribution (H)** 5
Science Distribution (S)* 5
  Total Credits 15

*Physics, Chemistry, Geology or Biology; at least one lab science required.

**Students are required to complete 3-5 credits in a Diversity course (D). A list of courses that satisfy the Diversity Requirement can be found in the college catalog.

This Educational Plan is intended as a guide for students who wish to emphasize a specific area of study for the Associate in Arts degree. It is not a guarantee that the courses listed in the plan will be available in the sequence suggested. In some instances, due to low enrollment, some courses may not be offered at all.

Updated 2014