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Associate in Liberal Arts Degree

Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA)


The Associate in Liberal Arts degree provides a broad background of knowledge rather than a course of study narrowly focused on preparation for a specific field. This degree develops reasoning, judgment, and expression-abilities desirable no matter what you do in life. When you have earned the ALA degree, you may transfer to a baccalaureate institution within the state of Washington with assurance that you have satisfied all or most of the general requirements for a bachelor's degree. Meeting general undergraduate requirements is important but not sufficient. It is also important that you meet the specific requirements required by your college major. Most college majors require you to take certain courses to prepare for entry as a junior in your major. These requirements vary from major to major and from college to college. Usually these requirements can fit within the Associate in Liberal Arts Degree. Early selection of a major is very important in planning your transfer program. Also, early planning with your advisor is imperative.

Degree Requirements

To qualify for this degree you must complete a minimum of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 or above, with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 ("B" average).

The 90 credits must include the following:

Basic Skills   15 credits
Communication Skills   10 credits
  ENGL& 101
  ENGL& 102
  ENGL& 235  
Quantitative Skills*   5 credits

*Any math course numbered 131 or higher.

Foreign Languages   15 credits

Fifteen (15) credits in one foreign language, five (5) of which count toward Humanities Distribution.

Health and Fitness   3 credits

Three (3) credits from the list of courses approved for Health and Fitness distribution.

Humanities   20 credits

A minimum of twenty (20) credits in humanities, including one course from at least thee of these subjects: Art, Drama, Literature, Lyceum, Music, Philosophy. No more than five (5) credits from performance/skill courses. Five (5) credits of Foreign Language count toward Humanities. Select courses from the distribution list.

Natural Science   20 credits

At least twenty (20) credits in Math/Science, including at least ten (10) credits in laboratory science or one course each from at least two of the following subjects: Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Oceanography, Philosophy, Physics, Zoology.

Social Science   20 credits

At least twenty (20) credits in social sciences, including one course from at least three of these subjects: Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, History, Economics, Political Science.

Diversity   3-5 credits

A 3-5 credit course listed as a Diversity (D) course. Diversity courses carrying another distribution designation can be counted toward both distribution requirements.

Reviewed 2018