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Mechanical/Civil Engineering
Associate in Science
Major Related Program


This pre-engineering degree is a Major Related Program designed for students transferring to a four-year college or university to complete a degree in the sub-disciplines of mechanical, civil, aeronautical, industrial, and materials science engineering. Elective credits should be planned with the help of an engineering advisor and based on the requirements of the specific discipline at the baccalaureate institution the student plans to attend. This two-year program requires students to be calculus ready at the second quarter of the first year. If you are not well prepared in high school mathematics and science, you should plan a three-year program at Centralia College in preparation for transfer to a four-year school. The main emphasis in the first year should be on strengthening your mathematics, basic sciences, communication, and reading skills.

Program Outcomes

Please refer to the Distribution Requirements and their criteria listed on pages 36-38 of the 2013-14 Centralia College catalog.

Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year

ENGL& 101 Composition I (C) 5
CHEM& 161 General Chemistry w/lab I (S) 6
ENGR 100 Introduction to Engineering 2
Social Science Distribution (SS)** 5
  Total Credits 18

Winter Quarter, First Year

MATH& 151 Calculus I (M)* 5
CHEM& 162 General Chemistry w/lab II (S) 6
Humanities Distribution (H)*** 5
  Total Credits 16

Spring Quarter, First Year

ENGR& 214 Statics 5
MATH& 152 Calculus II (M) 5
Health & Fitness Distribution (HF) 3
Humanites Distribution (H) *** OR
Social Science Distribution (SS)** 5
  Total Credits 18

Fall Quarter, Second Year

PHYS& 221 Engineering Physics I (S) 5
ENGR& 225 Mechanic of Materials 5
MATH 118 Linear Algebra (M) 5
  Total Credits 15

Winter Quarter, Second Year

ENGR 203 Applied Numerical Methods 5
ENGR& 215 Dynamics 5
MATH& 163 Calculus III 5
PHYS& 222 Engineering Physics II (S) 5
  Total Credits 20

Spring Quarter, Second Year

ENGR& 204 Electrical Circuits 5
MATH 212 Differential Equations (M) 5
MATH 264 Calculus IV 3
PHYS& 223 Engineering Physics III (S) 5
  Total Credits 18

Electives must include a minimum of 2 or more courses chosen from Calculus IV, Technical Writing, and Electrical Circuits.

*If you need review prior to Calculus I (MATH& 151), you should take Precalculus.

**A course in economics is recommended, either ECON& 201 or ECON& 202

***Students are required to complete 3-5 credits in a Diversity course (D). A list of courses that satisfy the Diversity Requirement can be found in the college catalog.

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