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Electronics, Robotics & Automation (ERA)
Associate in Applied Science


The goal of this program is to provide a graduate with the skills needed to find a job at a company that uses high-end automation equipment. This equipment ranges from devices controlled by programmable logic controllers (industrial computers) to robotic devices. A successful student will have learned core electronics skills, characteristics and operation of various types of electric motors, pneumatics and embedded controllers.

In modern production facilities the plant is often under the control of machinery connected with Ethernet, DeviceNet or ControlNet. Thus, this program has a strong component which includes computers and computer networking.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion students will have demonstrated:

  1. Safe equipment operation and ability to evaluate situations for safety issues.
  2. Ability to work as members of a team in an office or industrial setting.
  3. Ability to determine quantitative solutions to AC/DC electronic circuits.
  4. Ability to apply common theorems and instrumentation to safely troubleshoot complex circuits.
  5. Ability to design, implement and maintain automated systems using Programmable Logic Controllers and industrial sensors.
  6. Ability to integrate modern microcontrollers into robotic systems to retrieve data and produce specified results.
  7. Ability to obtain, process and articulate visualizations of sets of data from industrial equipment, and use that data to propose logical system improvements.
  8. Ability to think independently to obtain solutions, and to recognize the need to pursue results which exceed the minimum standards whenever possible.

Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year

ERA 101 Electronics Assembly 4
ERA 105 Computer Operation 3
HR 110 Human Relations 5
MATH 098 Algebra I (pre-college) 5
  Total Credits (12 credits college level) 17

Winter Quarter, First Year

ERA 115 DC Electronics 5
CAD 110 CAD Electrical 3
ERA 151 Mechanical Systems 3
TMATH 115 Electronics Math 2 5
  Total Credits 16

Spring Quarter, First Year

ERA 121 AC Electronics 5
ERA 212 Digital Electronics 4
TMATH Electronics Math @ 4
ERA 170 Solid State Electronics 4
  Total Credits 17

Fall Quarter, Second Year

ERA 220 Sensors and Instruments 4
ERA 230 Robotic Controllers 4
ERA 240 Amplifiers 5
HLTH 145 Safety and Fitness 3
  Total Credits 16

Winter Quarter, Second Year

ERA 235 Communication Systems 5
ERA 250 Industrial Electronics 2
ERA 251 Automation/PLCs 3
ERA 270 Industrial Robotics 4
CNT 201 Network Technology 1 4
  Total Credits 18

Spring Quarter, Second Year

ERA 252 Data Processing 3
ERA 275 Job Search 3
ERA 290 Robotics Capstone 3
CAD 210 Advanced CAD Electrical 1
WRT 105 Writing in the Workplace* 5
  Total Credits 15

*Students interested in fulfilling BAS-AM program admission requirements should take ENGL& 101. Students will also need a Quantitative Skills Distribution course, Natural Science, Social Science, and five additional credits of English, Math, Natural Science or Social Science.

Updated 2014