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Electronics, Robotics & Automation (ERA)
Associate in Applied Science


The goal of this program is to provide a graduate with the skills needed to find a job at a company that uses high-end automation equipment. This equipment ranges from devices controlled by programmable logic controllers (industrial computers) to robotic devices. A successful student will have learned core electronics skills, characteristics and operation of various types of electric motors, pneumatics and embedded controllers.

In modern production facilities the plant is often under the control of machinery connected with Ethernet, DeviceNet or ControlNet. Thus, this program has a strong component which includes computers and computer networking.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program should be able to:

  1. Use electronic test equipment: digital multi-meters, oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies.
  2. Troubleshoot series, series-parallel circuits.
  3. Troubleshoot circuits with active components.
  4. Program robotic arms and autonomous robots.
  5. Hook up motor controller circuitry such as magnetic motor starters.

Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year

ELT 113 Cabling and Soldering 5
ELT 115 DC Electronics 5
ERA 150 Robotics I 3
MATH 100 Technical Math I 5
  Total Credits 18

Winter Quarter, First Year

COMM 101 Written Communications 3
ELT 121 AC Electronics 5
ERA 120 Sensor Technology 3
ERA 151 Mechanical Systems 3
MATH 110 Technical Math II 3
  Total Credits 17

Spring Quarter, First Year

ELT 133 Solid State Electronics 5
ELT 137 Power Supplies 5
ERA 250 Automation I 4
HLTH 145 Safety & Fitness 3
  Total Credits 17

Fall Quarter, Second Year

CST 224 Java 5
ELT 212 Computer Electronics I 4
ELT 213 Small Signal Amplifiers 5
ERA 251 Automation II 4
  Total Credits 18

Winter Quarter, Second Year

ELT 222 Computer Electronics II 5
ELT 223 Large Signal Amplifiers 5
ERA 230 Robotics II 4
ELT 238 Network Technology I 4
  Total Credits 18

Spring Quarter, Second Year

ELT 235 Communication Systems 5
ERA 270 Robotics III 4
HR110 Human Relations 5
  Total Credits 14

(Updated 2013)