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Diesel Equipment Technology
Associate in Applied Science


The Diesel Equipment Technology program is designed to prepare students for immediate employment as a technician in the maintenance, repair or overhaul of heavy equipment (i.e. logging, construction, mining), agriculture equipment, or trucking. Centralia College has a transfer agreement partnership with Montana State University Northern, which enables a Centralia College graduate to attend the Bachelor of Science degree program in Diesel Technology at MSU Northern.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program should be able to:
  1. Perform repair procedures using proper hand and power tools in a safe manner.
  2. Diagnose and repair electrical problems in failed circuits and components.
  3. Disassemble and re-assemble a twin countershaft transmission to proper specifications.
  4. Diagnose engine malfunctions and perform repairs as needed.
  5. Test and repair failed hydraulic systems.
  6. Diagnose repair and charge air conditioning systems using proper approved equipment.

Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year

CNT 117 Windows OS 2
DET 100 Shop Skills 2
DET 101 Shop Skills Lab 4
DET 125 Power Transmissions 3
DET 126 Power Transmissions Lab 4
MATH 095 Basic Math* 5
  Total Credits 15-20

*Compass scoring below college level student will be required to take MATH 095 prior to MATH 116

Winter Quarter, First Year

DET 110 Electric Systems I Theory 3
DET 111 Electric Systems I Lab 4
DET 130 Mobile Hydraulics Theory 2
DET 131 Mobile Hydraulics Lab 5
MATH 116 Industrial Mathematics 5
  Total Credits 19

Spring Quarter, First Year

COMM 101 Written Communications ^ 3
DET 120 Engine I Theory 3
DET 121 Engine I Lab 5
WELD 151 Welding Theory for Mechanics 3
WELD 152 Welding Procedures for Mechanics 5
  Total Credits 19

Fall Quarter, Second Year

DET 200 Electric Systems II Theory 2
DET 201 Electric Systems II Lab 4
DET 215 Preventive Maintenance Theory 1
DET 216 Preventive Maintenance Lab 2
DET 220 Engine II Theory 2
DET 221 Engine II Lab 4
HLTH 145 Safety & Fitness 3
  Total Credits 18

Winter Quarter, Second Year

BTEC 191 Cooperative Work Experience Seminar** 1
DET 210 Power Transmissions II Theory 1
DET 211 Power Transmission II Lab 2
DET 225 Heavy Duty Chassis Theory 4
DET 226 Heavy Duty Chassis Lab 6
HR 110 Human Relations-Workplace 5
  Total Credits 19

Spring Quarter, Second Year

DET 230 Practical Applications Theory 3
DET 231 Practical Applications Lab 5
DET 190 Cooperative Work Experience*** 8
DET 235 Mobile HVAC Theory 2
DET 236 Mobile HVAC Lab 4
  Total Credits 14-17

**BTEC 191 can be taken any quarter prior to or in the same quarter as DET 190.

***A minimum of eight Cooperative Work Experience credits will substitute for DET 230 & DET 231.

Students will need to purchase tools for class. Please see a diesel instructor for tool list.

^ Students interested in fulfilling BASM program admission requirements should take ENGL& 101. Students will also need a Quantitative Skills Distribution course, Science, Social Science, and five additional credits of English, Math, Science or Social Science.

(Updated 2013)