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Diesel Equipment Technology
Associate in Applied Science


The Diesel Equipment Technology program is designed to prepare students for immediate employment as a technician in the maintenance, repair or overhaul of heavy equipment (i.e. logging, construction, mining), agriculture equipment, or trucking. Centralia College has a transfer agreement partnership with Montana State University Northern, which enables a Centralia College graduate to attend the Bachelor of Science degree program in Diesel Technology at MSU Northern.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program should be able to:
  1. Perform repair procedures using proper tools while abiding by safety and environmental regulations.
  2. Identify, diagnose and repair electrical and hydraulic circuits.
  3. Maintain proper workplace documentation in a professional manner.
  4. Conduct behavior that is consistent with the professionalism standards of the industry.

Recommended Course Schedule

Fall Quarter, First Year

CNT 117 Windows OS 2
DET 100 Shop Skills 2
DET 101 Shop Skills Lab 5
DET 125 Power Transmissions 2
DET 126 Power Transmissions Lab 5
MATH 095 Basic Math* 5
  Total Credits 16-21

*Compass scoring below college level student will be required to take MATH 095 prior to TMATH 116

Winter Quarter, First Year

DET 110 Electric Systems I Theory 2
DET 111 Electric Systems I Lab 5
DET 130 Mobile Hydraulics Theory 2
DET 131 Mobile Hydraulics Lab 5
TMATH 116 Industrial Mathematics 5
  Total Credits 19

Spring Quarter, First Year

WRT 105 Writing in the Workplace^ 5
DET 120 Engine I Theory 2
DET 121 Engine I Lab 5
WELD 151 Welding Theory for Mechanics 2
WELD 152 Welding Procedures for Mechanics 5
  Total Credits 19

Fall Quarter, Second Year

DET 200 Electric Systems II Theory 2
DET 201 Electric Systems II Lab 5
DET 220 Engine II Theory 2
DET 221 Engine II Lab 5
HLTH 145 Safety & Fitness 3
  Total Credits 17

Winter Quarter, Second Year

BTEC 191 Cooperative Work Experience Seminar** 1
DET 210 Power Transmissions II Theory 2
DET 211 Power Transmission II Lab 5
DET 225 Heavy Duty Chassis Theory 2
DET 226 Heavy Duty Chassis Lab 5
HR 110 Human Relations-Workplace 5
  Total Credits 20

Spring Quarter, Second Year

DET 230 Practical Applications Theory 2
DET 231 Practical Applications Lab 5
DET 190 Cooperative Work Experience*** 7
DET 235 Mobile HVAC Theory 2
DET 236 Mobile HVAC Lab 5
  Total Credits 14-16

**BTEC 191 can be taken any quarter prior to or in the same quarter as DET 190.

***Students must take either DET 230 & DET 231 OR DET 190.

Students will need to purchase tools for class. Please see a diesel instructor for tool list.

^ Students interested in fulfilling BAS-AM program admission requirements should take ENGL& 101. Students will also need a Quantitative Skills Distribution course, Science, Social Science, and five additional credits of English, Math, Science or Social Science.

Updated 2014