Frequently Asked Questions for Students

You have questions. We have questions. As we get answers, we will be posting them here. 

(last updated 4 p.m. March 27) 

General Information

Yes, for now. Centralia College officially moved into suspended operations on March 24. This is expected to end April 6, allowing employees to return to work in a limited capacity on April 7. But, the campus will remain closed to students through April 24. 

Spring quarter classes will still begin on April 6 as planned, with all classes operating remotely. From April 7-24—provided we receive no further restrictions—we will be able to offer some limited access for trades courses and lab classes that cannot be offered online. 

In the meantime, college faculty and staff are still working off-site. You can still contact them with questions through email or phone calls.

  • Use the college phone directory to find departments and employee names and phone numbers, and to send them emails directly. To email staff, please use their first and last name in the format of

Faculty will conduct winter finals remotely. Please look for communication from your faculty members on wrapping up the quarter. If you haven’t heard from them, please reach out to them to find out if the finals plans have changed.

The due date on all checked out library items (books, laptops, hot spots) has been extended to May 1, 2020. Information on how to return items will be communicated to you in April.

The college’s child care facility will remain closed until the college returns to normal operations. Families that received care prior to the closure will have their slot(s) saved and will be able to return when the facility reopens. If there are families that do not return, open slots will be available to new families. If you would like to be placed on a call list for an opening (your family was not served prior to the closure) please email the child care center.


The Food Pantry will be open from 12-2 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays for curbside pickup.

  • Bags will be pre-packed.
  • Call 360-623-8555 and provide the following info:
    • Do you have any food allergies?
    • When will you pick up your bag?
    • What's your student ID number?
    • If you're arriving in a vehicle, what kind of vehicle is it? What does it look like?
    • If you're arriving on foot, what will you be wearing? 
  • Questions? Email Price Peterson or call 360-623-8555.

Twin Transit is allowing Centralia College students to ride the bus without a bus pass until May 1. 

Student parking will not be enforced during spring quarter so please don’t worry about securing a parking pass. Once we shift back to standard operations, we will begin enforcement and you will be able to get a parking permit from the Student Life and Involvement Center.


We understand how important Commencement is to you. We are discussing various options for Commencement 2020 and expect to make a decision in the first few weeks of April. Stay tuned!


Spring Quarter Classes

Spring quarter classes are going to begin April 6, allowing the week of March 30-April 5 to be used for students to prepare for the remote delivery of classes. Additional information will be coming to you as spring quarter approaches.

No, instructors will be in touch with you about the specifics for remote delivery of your courses.

We are doing everything we can to run all classes, even low-enrolled courses. However, we may need to cancel some classes. If classes get cancelled, you will be notified and alternate class options, when possible, will be discussed with you.  

We are currently looking at which Continuing Education classes are able to move to an online or remote format for spring. So far, these classes will be moving forward in an online version:

  • Choir (Contact Choir Director Vicki Jardine-Tobin via email to register.)
  • Creative Writing Experience
  • What Do You Want To Write?
  • Intro to Professional Writing
  • Stretching & Flexibility
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Pilates/Core
  • Spanish Conversation
  • Stained Glass
  • Wildland Firefighter Certification (CC East)

Continue to check the Continuing & Community Education pages as classes are updated daily.

You can find information about classes by using the Online Course Scheduler or viewing the Spring 2020 Advising Schedule (pdf). Tip: To add or drop classes, you will need the 4-digit code associated with the class. The codes are listed with each class in the Online Course Scheduler or Advising Schedule.


If you signed up for an online course originally, that course will be the same as any other quarter. If you signed up for a face-to-face course, that course will now be delivered remotely through Canvas or another modality.  

Your instructor will be reaching out to you before the class begins on April 6 to give you specifics on how to access the course materials and receive instruction. All courses delivered online and remotely will cover the same learning objectives as in any other quarter. Instructors  have been working hard to provide the best learning environment for students and will help anyone who may be new to remote instruction. 

Some specific courses in science, healthcare, and the trades may arrange for students to come to campus in small groups, with social distancing and deep-cleaned classrooms. More information will be sent out as spring quarter begins.

If you originally registered for an online class, then it will be online for the whole quarter.

If you registered for a face-to-face class that is now being taught online/remotely for spring, there's a chance your class may go back to face-to-face after April 24 (when the governor's order expires). Your instructors will likely make that decision if the college resumes normal operations at that time.

Some classes will require you to login and participate at the designated time and others will not. Your faculty will communicate their instructions to you next week in preparation for the start of spring quarter. If you do not hear from your faculty member, please reach out to them directly.


Most PE classes will be running online with videos and Canvas support (CC’s online class environment). We have already canceled the athletic classes (baseball, softball, etc.) as well as volleyball and Tai Chi.


You can still access advising and counseling services online via email or by using the drop-in video chat. 

  • Email - For appointments, information, and questions, contact the Advising/Counseling Center at
  • Drop-in Video Chat  - Advisors and counselors can advise you and answer questions by video chat from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Friday. Video chat with an advisor now.

Online Tutoring is a FREE, online student support resource available to all CC students.

  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Tutors work with you one-on-one, live, or at different times.
  • Available subjects: math, statistics, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, Spanish, accounting, MS Office, and writing.

To log-in, go to the Centralia College eTutoring login, enter your student ID. The password is Centralia.

All classes are moving to an online or remote format for spring, but you can still get help with your writing from one of the Writing Center’s consultants. You can submit your paper or essay to the Writing Center online via the Student Portal

In addition, the Writing Center webpage has links to a ton of resources you can use to improve and structure your writing assignments. Contact the Writing Center at for additional information or questions.

Admissions / Registration / Grades

In an effort to give students the ability to register online for spring quarter, all students’ quarterly registration codes have been changed to their Global Pin. This is now your six-digit birthdate in MMDDYY format unless you have changed your Global Pin.

Because all registration codes were changed to the Global Pin, some students attempting to register online received the message “You have entered an incorrect Student ID or PIN. TRY AGAIN."

Confirm your Student ID number and use your six-digit birthdate in MMDDYY format (unless you have changed your global pin) for your quarterly registration code).

The Global Pin is your six-digit birthdate in the MMDDYY format. If you were born on January 6, 1925, it would be 010625. If you have changed your Global Pin and are unable to remember it, please contact Enrollment Services at

Grades will be posted on March 24. To view your grades/unofficial transcript, please click here. To order your official transcript, create an account with National Student Clearinghouse. Enrollment Services will be processing transcripts weekly during remote operations.

Due to the recent events, Enrollment Services needed additional time to process applications. If you applied by March 1, you will be notified by March 31. For questions about your admissions status, please contact Breanna Stewart or Kelly Worthey or message them in your Canvas BAS Application Portal.

Current and Former CC Students


New CC Students

NEW STUDENTS - If this is your first quarter at Centralia College, contact Enrollment Services at to gain access to register online or complete the Class Registration Form (pdf) and email it as an attachment to

If you have a verification form from the scholarship, insurer, etc., email it or send a verification request to The Registrar/School Official can review and process the request.

Money Matters - Financial Aid, Payments, and More

If you need to submit a financial aid appeal, the process will be the same as in previous quarters except you will need to submit your appeal electronically (preferred) or by mail.

  1. Download an Appeal Form, fill out Section A, save and then attach in an email.
  2. With your Appeal Form, include your letter explaining your extenuating circumstance and plans to prevent problems from happening spring quarter. 
  3. Download an education plan form and include it with your Appeal Form.

If you need assistance with your appeal please contact the financial aid office at 360-623-8975 or We will be happy to help you work through the process. 

The Centralia College Foundation office will work individually with you, advisors, funding sources, and instructors if you need to drop below the 12 credit minimum. We want to keep you on course toward your academic goals. We will modify scholarship amounts and awarding as we are able, in order to best serve you while abiding by the requirements of the scholarship.

If you don't have a checking account or credit card, contact Debbie Walker in Student Accounts by phone at 360-623-8646 or via email to make alternate payment arrangements.

All balance checks will be mailed to you. It is important we have your current mailing address for delivery. We also need a current phone number. Often, we call students and find that their voicemail has not been set up or is full. Please ensure you can receive messages. This will impact our ability to keep you informed about financial aid news. You can update your address and phone number online.

You can update your address and phone number online.

If you are a student employee, you need to verify your address with Monica Brummer.

Financial aid balance checks will be mailed out beginning April 1. If you are expecting a spring balance check, it is imperative that you make sure we have your current mailing address. As delivery times will vary depending on where you receive your mail, we assume students will begin seeing their balance check in the mail Friday, April 3. If you need to update your address and phone, please email   

To see if you qualify for tuition/book assistance through the Worker Retraining and/or BFET programs, please contact 360-623-8496 or 360-623-8374 or email or

Even if your high school graduation is postponed, you still have plenty of time.

If you’re receiving financial aid, you’ll need to submit your final high school transcript (with your graduation date listed) by Aug. 27.


Buyback and Rental Book Returns

The bookstore will be operating a drive-thru rental return/buyback booth in the TAC parking lot on Pear Street, beginning Tuesday, March 17. Please follow the signs to find the entrance and stay in your vehicleThe hours will be 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday. All rental books are due back to the bookstore by 4 p.m. Friday, March 20. 

If you are using BFET, Veterans, L&I, Worker Retraining, Work First, Early Achievers, Opportunity Grant, or Scholarship for your course materials, please select "SPR20 OTHER FUNDS" as your payment method. You may still have to enter a credit card for any rental books ordered, but it will not be charged. 

Web orders with "SPR20 OTHER FUNDS" as the payment method, will be shipped after funding is verified on March 30. If funding cannot be verified, the order cannot be shipped until another payment method is provided. Please leave a valid contact phone number in case we need to contact you.

Spring Quarter Textbooks/Course Material

Textbook and course material information are available on the bookstore website or on the "Bookstore" link at the bottom of all college webpages. Web orders for spring quarter course materials will be processed as quickly as possible, all you need is your class schedule.  Shipping costs will be waived on any web orders shipped on or after March 17. Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot ship ART KITS. If you are ordering an ART KIT, please see the "Curb-side Pick-up" option listed below.

Web Order Curb-side Pick Up

This option will be available March 23 - April 10 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Just pull up to one of the numbered parking spaces in the TAC parking lot, call the number on the sign and let us know you're here. We'll bring your completed order out to you.  Please have your order number and valid ID ready. After April 10, please call 360-623-8625 and we’ll make arrangements for you to pick up your order.

Because the college bookstore is closed to the public, CC is doing a Running Start Book Exchange on April 7-9. You can bring your winter books and exchange them for your spring books. 

Book Exchange Instructions

  1. Pull up to the location listed below at the designated time.
  2. Email the Advising/Counseling Center at
  3. Wait for your books to be delivered to your car.
When Where
10 a.m.- 12 p.m. April 7 TransAlta Commons Parking Area off Pear Street
12-2 p.m. April 8 TransAlta Commons Parking Area off Pear Street
2-4 p.m. April 9 TransAlta Commons Parking Area off Pear Street

Computers & Technology

The college is exploring three options to assist you:

  1. Purchasing wireless hot spots and laptops/tablets for students to check out: The hot spots and laptops/tablets will be available on a first-come first-served basis. We are currently developing the process to check them out and will email you when they are available. Please check your student email and this FAQ page for updates. 
  2. Limited student access to a computer lab. As those details become available they will be sent to your student email and will be published on this FAQ page.
  3. We are exploring wifi signal strength in our parking lots and plan to identify parking lots where students can park their cars, log into the college wifi network, and complete homework. Once the lots are identified, we will notify you by email and via this FAQ page.

The e-Learning office is preparing to support you as the quarter begins with remote instruction.

If you have Canvas, or other issues, you can contact them and they will be available to help. They can be reached at 360-623-8955 or

Student Workers

If you don’t have direct deposit, now is a great time to sign up! Download a fillable electronic funds transfer form and return it to, or contact Payroll at 360-623-8936 for details.

If you prefer a paper check, contact Payroll at 360-623-8936 or to ensure your address on file is accurate. Checks will be mailed.

Please check with your supervisor. You may take online training courses and work on other assignments when you’re home. You may work remotely provided that you:

  • Enroll in at least 6 college credits spring quarter and your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is in good standing.
  • Set up a plan and schedule with your supervisor.
  • Work only the number of hours approved for your position.
  • Track hours of training and print certificates when available.
  • Communicate clearly when you begin/end work or hours worked each day.

Update your electronic timesheet at the end of each shift - make sure you’re using the most up-to-date app – version 2.0.2 (look at the bottom right corner of the app, next to the Centralia College logo).

COVID -19 Questions

On March 16, Centralia College learned a CC student tested positive for COVID-19.

We were able to identify areas and people this student may have been in contact with, and those individuals are being notified via email or phone. 

Because this student took classes in the TEC building, that building is closed for deep cleaning until further notice.

If you have symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), contact your healthcare provider and explain your symptoms and concerns. The state Department of Health has a lot of reliable information, advice, and resources that can help.

Based on Lewis County Health & Social Services and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidance, we notified all students who were in class with the student who tested positive to COVID-19. If you did not get notified, you were not in class with the student. If you believe you may have symptoms of COVID-19 you should contact your medical provider right away.

Federal laws protect the privacy of individuals who experience health issues. The college contacted all students and faculty who were in class with the infected student.

Centralia College offers a medical and hardship withdrawal. For more information, email