Institutional Research

Welcome to Centralia College's Institutional Research (CCIR) page!  Here you will find all sorts of useful data dashboards and reports.  All the data below was create either by the CCIR department or by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).  If you're new to dashboards or data in general please don't hesitate to reach out to us to schedule some training.  If you can't find the data you're looking for in the dashboards below please contact CCIR to make an ad hoc request.

We are in the process of rolling out individual data logins which will be required to access any of the CCIR dashboards.  If you are unable to access the data you're looking for then please contact CCIR to setup a login.

Scott Wagemann
Director of Institutional Research

Enrollment and Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

  • FTE Official (CCIR):  This dashboard uses class level data to replicates SBCTC's official FTE calculation.
  • FTE Running Start (CCIR): This dashboard focuses on runnings start FTEs and looks at individual high school enrollments.
  • FTE Discipline (CCIR): This dashboard is useful for monitoring and comparing specific course disciplines.
  • FTE Transaction (CCIR): This dashboard uses student enrollment transactions to get a time series view of enrollment.  There is some error with this data but it is within 5% from official FTE so it is still useful for trend information.
  • Enrollment data (SBCTC): The Enrollment Dashboards provide a snapshot of student headcounts and full-time equivalents (FTEs) in Washington community and technical colleges
  • Strategic Enrollment dashboard (SBCTC): The Strategic Enrollment Taskforce was organized to review and propose strategies for increasing participation in postsecondary education in Washington State with a focus on equitable access to postsecondary education.

Student Information and Demographic

  • Student Demographics (CCIR): This dashboard shows various statistics pertaining to the student body.
  • Student Details (CCIR): This dashboard takes a detailed look at individual students
  • High School Data (CCIR): High school statistics and comparisons
  • Faculty and Staff Data (SBCTC): The Faculty and Staff Data dashboards provide a snapshot of faculty and staff headcounts and full-time equivalents (FTEs) in Washington community and technical colleges.
  • Transfers to 4-year baccalaureate institutions (SBCTC): The following dashboard summarizes student transfer data from community and technical colleges to baccalaureate institutions. This includes transfers to public baccalaureate institutions, transfers to independent and other institutions, and data for specific academic transfer degrees. 

Student Success

  • Graduation Rate (CCIR):  This dashboard does not use IPEDS calculations which only pertain to one fifth of our students. Instead we analyze all students who completed 15 credits in the reporting year to establish the graduation rate annual cohort.
  • Retention (CCIR):  This dashboard shows fall to fall as well as other various retention metrics for the fall cohort with many filter options.
  • New Student Retention (CCIR):  This dashboard is similiar to the retention dashboard but allows the cohort to be established in any quarter rather than just the fall.
  • Pass Rate (CCIR):  This dashboard shows pass rate metrics for various courses.
  • Application Date and Student Success (CCIR):  This dashboard shows insight into the correlation between a students registration date and the start date of the quarter.
  • 1st Year College Level Math and English Completion (CCIR): Shows how many students are completing college level english and math within their first year of enrollment.
  • Placement Test Demographics (CCIR):  This dashboard shows various placement test statistic.
  • Modality (CCIR):  This dashboard shows average GPA and letter grades relative to modality and other useful student and institutional attributes.
  • Student Achievement Initiative 3.0 Points Summary Dashboard (SBCTC): This dashboard contains annual point totals for all colleges as well as share calculations in accordance with the funding metrics, total points less completions, completions, and points per student.
  • Credentials Awarded Dashboard (SBCTC): Our community and technical colleges help advance the education of adults in our state in a variety of ways. Our colleges help thousands of adults complete a high school credential or earn the General Education Development (GED®) certificate.

 Logistics and Planning

  • ctcLink Error Report (CCIR):  This dashboard tracks and organizes ctcLink errors.
  • Degrees (CCIR):  This dashboards shows statists pertaining to the degrees that we issue.
  • Class Fill Rate (CCIR):  The dashboard shows data regarding how full our classes are.
  • Last Quarter Attended (CCIR):  The dashboard shows all students whose last quarter corresponds to the selected quarter and who didn't graduate.  This data is useful from a retention standpoint because is shows all the students who left the college without completing.
  • Student Faculty Ratio (CCIR):  This dashboard shows the number of students vs the number of faculty for various disaggregated groups.
  • Student/Faculty Ratios (SBCTC): General student faculty ratio information
  • Waitlist (CCIR):  This dashboard is useful for knowing the true demand for specific classes.
  • WFW Enrollments (CCIR):  This dashboard is used by the retention staff that are working with the high schools.